Whimsy (Devin Mohr & Annetta Lucero)


Portrait of Devin Mohr and Annetta Lucero

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2014


“I create creatures to make me feel at home. When I make them, I feel: Oh, there’s my family! There’s my friends from my home planet! Which is sort of what is driving my fascination with the word Sehnsucht: that inconsolable longing for a non-Earthly home one can identify as one’s own.”

—Devin Mohr


“We’re like the reality performance At nroeuttpae L, uancedr toh e reality is we are here for a short time and we absolutely have to live it to the fullest, most fun, active, beautiful, giving truth that we can. That’s Terminal Circus!”

—Annetta Lucero


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