Whilst Life Still Lasts Within Me (Blair)



Oil on Linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Born in Beverly Hills, Blair journeyed to Poitiers, France, as a teenager to join the convent Unión Chretienne de Saint Chaumond. While dedicating her life to the church, she fell ill. When the nuns instructed her to pray for good health, she was forced to escape out the window in search of a hospital. In a fever dream, Joan of Arc told Blair to don armor, so she returned to the U.S. to enlist in the Army.

During a tear-gas exercise, Blair’s body shut down, being allergic to an agent in the gas. With her bladder and bowels in disrepair after seven surgeries and countless medications, her physicians prescribed marijuana, something an ex-military-nun had never tried.

Taking their suggestions, she found cannabis to be the only medicine capable of relieving pain without putting her in a haze. Emboldened, Blair now campaigns against the cannabis prohibition as a Hempetarian activist while working in agricultural education at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

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