Rhinos on Fire in the Garden (Sarah Soward, Rose Adare, and Sharon Eisley)


Portrait of Sarah Soward, Rose Adare, and Sharon Eisley

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


As an homage to friendship, this portrait includes Sarah Soward, Rose Adare, and Sharon Eisley, lifelong friends and founders of San Francisco’s Muse Showcase. Each is wearing a corset hand painted by the artist in their own unique style.

Left: Sarah Soward

Graduating from the California College of the Arts, Sarah Soward went on to teach at the Bay Area Video Coalition; though her real passion rides on the rough hide of a rhinoceros. Taking rhino’s beyond the physical, her Rhinotopia series explores the spiritual symbolism of one of the world’s most misunderstood animals.

“I believe in Rhinoceros, the creature deserving, crasher of Savannah and jungle. And in Diceros bicornis, the two horned rhino, our friend; who roamed Africa freely, untamed; now hunted by poachers, dehorned, and left for dead; the rhino dies, does not arise again from the dead; the rhino rots and is eaten, becoming one with the earth; from there new life springs that would feed future rhinos if there were any that lived. I believe in Rhinoceros unicornis, the rhino of the one horn, the Greater and the Lesser; the Sumatran rhinoceros, hidden in shade, twice horned; and the cycle of life recurring. Oh yes.”

— Sarah Soward


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