Raw Canvas (Rose Adare)


Portrait of Rose Adare

Oil on Belgian linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


A graduate of San Francisco’s Academy of Art University and David Hardy’s Atelier of Classical Realism, Adare’s evocative portraiture incorporates old world techniques with contemporary subject matter. Each portrait takes over 100 hours to complete, using only archival quality Belgian Linen or 12 oz. American Cotton. Following the golden spiral and the vesica piscis, Adare first sketches the under-drawings using Santo Palo incense as charcoal. Combining Gamblin oils and gold leaf, she then infuses her paints or varnish with unorthodox ingredients, like hemp-oil, whiskey, peyote, or blood, depending on the cultural lifestyle of her subjects.

After a collision with a municipal train (2005), Adare spent the following years unable to paint. Drawing with a pencil taped to her fingers, she studied Da Vinci’s notes, Zorn’s lighting, and Fechin’s unique ability to breathe life and motion into his portraits. In 2009, after a long recovery, she was finally able to pick up her brush. As such, Restraint & Revolution is Adare’s new courtship with light and color.

“Each amazing model in this series is tied with a form of corsetry as a symbol of their own unique struggles with Restraint & Revolution. Just as corsets evolved from chaste garments to scandalous lingerie, cultural norms are constantly re-fashioned. That said, I am very proud of every person in this series, because they have all lived the change they want to see.”


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