Pyro Paramour (Alex Stitt)


Portrait of Alexander Stitt

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Born in Oregon and raised in Cornwall, England, Alex grew up as a metaphysical, pangender, fire-dancer, frequenting the Glastonbury Music Festival as an 8 year old raver. His mother founded Blue Banana, Britain’s most successful alternative clothing company, while Alex, his sister and his father moved back to the US, inadvertently founding a safe house for runaway youth.

After escorting his friends to Thailand for their sexual reassignment surgery, Alex began counseling the LGBT community, with a fire staff on his shoulder and a deck of tarot cards in his back pocket. As a writer he continues to turn out historical, apocalyptic and gender expanding novels and is always looking for new representation.

“Alex is my muse, my love, my pyro paramour. In four years I’ve watched Alex write nine brilliant books, earn his MA in counseling, all while working as a security guard on a volcano, herding thousands of people around lava. We’ve directed, performed and taught at a number of burlesque shows, fire dances, fire fleshing classes, art exhibits, and fetish conferences. The dedication he has is incredible. After a fire performance when I popped out my shoulder and hip (which I have to admit I was expecting) he scooped me up and walked half way across the desert to the med tent at Burning Man. This show would not have been if this beautiful person hadn’t fought so hard for my art and for my health.”

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