Orbit (Juju Minxxx)


Portrait of Juju Minxxx

Oil on Belgian linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Vivacious Juju Minxxx, Hawaii’s leather-clad sweetheart, learned how to break-dance, bootie-dance, and own her body at a very young age— usually outside of class while on break from jazz, tap, and basic ballet. With a mom from Chicago, Illinois, and a Dad from Jakarta, Indonesia, Juju grew up working the graveyard shift at the family’s downtown pizzeria, until she was old enough to hit the scene. Illuminated on stage, Juju found Burlesque to be incredibly transformative.

“Burlesque helped me with my body image because there were so many different sizes and styles of pretty: the gothy girls, the punky girls, the big classic women, all kinds, and they were all very supportive and accepting of the body.”

Following the curtain into the fierce and fabulous world of BDSM, Juju became a pin-up girl, a stage performer, a pony, a vicious Roller Derby skater, and a professional Dom. Performing and competing at Leather & Leis (2013, 2014, HI); the North American Pony Trainer Leather Title Contest (2013, CA); Paradise Unbound (2013, WA), the North American Queens Cup Race (2014, CA), and the Seduction Show Case in San Jose (2014, CA), Juju leaves her audience grinning and giddy.

“The truth is, when I want to do something, it’s done. That’s the end of it. I wasn’t out to liberate myself. I was out to do what I do, and it was just that simple.”

—Juju Minxxx

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