Mysterium [Mysterious] (Kimberly Dark)


Portrait of Kimberly Dark

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Ranked as one of the top six LGBT college speakers by America’s longest running lesbian and gay interest magazine The Advocate (2011), Kimberly delves her audience through complex fragility to empowered strength — challenging the norms of sexual expression and gender expectation in The Butch/Femme Chronicles, Dykeotomy, Common Courtesies, and her ongoing show Good Fortune. A feminist tour de force, Kimberly Dark’s poignant and hilarious shows continue to grace college campus around the U.S., Australia and Germany.

“I think it’s quite dangerous when people take on identities that can’t change because inevitably, they’ll be let down. We are constantly in motion, constantly changing — though most people do so fairly indiscernibly. So, in terms of the body in culture, I’m reasonably comfortable with labels such as female, femme, queer, fat, dyke, mother, parent, middle-aged, white, mixed race, literate, privileged, first world, scholar, activist, sexual, sensual, artist, mostly able-bodied, incest survivor, intellectual, writer, poet and the list goes on. These are in no particular order, of course. The most important identity is always relative to one’s company, one’s deep yearnings and the responses one hopes to create.”

—Kimberly Dark

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