Koyote (Koyote)


Portrait of Koyote

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Diagnosed with throat cancer at 10 years old, Koyote was given three lifetime doses of radiation in six weeks, with a cocktail of four separate chemo-drugs, entirely lethal on their own—all before anti-nausea meds came on scene. “Having cancer is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. After that point, everything that happens to me is good, ’cause I’m supposed to be dead.”

Becoming a kinesthesiologist, a certified masseur, and a strength conditioning specialist in the National Strength Conditioning Association, Koyote built a small business, a beautiful marriage and a conventional life until 2002 brought yet another change. Morphing his body, his politics, convictions, religion, and sex drive, Koyote emerged from his former skin as both a fire dancer and an art model, bearing one of the most recognizable torsos in the Bay Area Model’s Guild. Maintaining sex as the richest form of expression, he helps others to enjoy, explore and enlighten their sexual selves through achievement of movement, self acceptance or by simply providing a safe haven.

“Oddly, I am truly a shape shifter…the other half of you-and-me. I am who you manifest, having very little residual personality when alone. I am your secret, guilty, fetish voice, always enabling you to do that which you visceral urges compel…the classic devil.”


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