Genuflect (Richard & Namaste)


Portrait of Richard and Namaste

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Born twelve years and 700 hundred miles apart, Richard and Namaste lived parallel lives, echoes of each other in Chicago and Queens. Deeply involved in the church, they both skipped grades at school before being ordained as ministers, Richard at 15 years old, Namaste at 19.

Diverging from formal religion, their spiritual paths led them individually as life coaches and healers, each embodying and actualizing their corresponding energies before they even met.

Richard, in his authentic self, grew as a visionary, leader, priest, provider and protector. After spending many years as a guardian of diversity advocating on behalf of women, minority, veteran, and LGBT businesses in multimillion dollar corporations, Richard found himself coming face to face with his life’s purposed: taking up the mantle of shaman, life coach, and healer.

Namaste, in complement, spent years developing her core talents as well as being a mother, minister and business owner. Surrendering to a vision, she gives completely to the manifestation of the Will of her King as an acolyte, treasure, servant and Queen.

Richard and Namaste present nationally to both alternative and mainstream audiences alike. Their popular seminars cover sustainable relationships, power dynamics, sexual fulfillment, and the divine self.

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