Food for Thought (Tiberio Simone & Yuriko Miyamoto)


Portrait of Tiberio Simone & Yuriko Miyamoto

Oil & Metallic Pigment on Belgian Linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Like so much of life, food is a sensory experience, so Tiberio set out to heal the connection between food and body, health and sensuality. Serving artistic, edible arrangements, with all manner of delightful volunteers as his human plates, Tiberio reintegrates the dining experience with truly fascinating dinner conversation. What is beauty? What is health? What is self appreciation? What goes well with strawberries? His new book La Figa, photographed by Matt Freedman, features not only recipes, but page after vibrant page of Tiberio’s models, dotted with chocolate tattoos or adorned with cucumber corsets.

Food for Thought Portrait of Tiberio Simone & Yuriko Miyamoto
Award winner of NARAL’s (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws) Chocolates for Choice, Chef Tiberio Simone continues to donate both time and food to charities, fundraisers and artistic events via his own company La Figa Catering.

Tiberio’s model, Yuriko Miyamoto, is a Japanese painter transplanted from Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki, Japan to Portland, OR. Her carefree, cartoon style layers the childlike catharsis of simple emotional imagery in thick acrylic paint. Her vibrant exhibition Crossing Boundaries (2008), and Character And Me (2012) were both featured at Seattle’s Form/Space Atelier. Inspired by her childhood in Japan, Yuriko observes how people bond with character icons throughout the world, almost as a way of connecting with themselves.

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