The Eleventh Hour (Jason Webley)


Portrait of Jason Webley

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


An apocalyptic fusion of experimental folk music and drunk pirate poetry, Jason Webley began his career busking on the streets of Seattle with a sound equitable to Tom Waits drinking whiskey with Leonard Cohen. Traditionally “dying” every Halloween, his fans would burn his trench-coat and signature porkpie hat as a hearse carried him off to be reborn for a concert in the spring.

Surviving the Halloween of 2005, Webley is still alive and cutting albums with Springman Records and his own label, Eleven Records (his obsession with the number 11 cultivated while driving the Big Island’s Highway 11). He currently drives a giant red tomato reincarnated from a Toyota Carolla, advertising Camp Tomato, a playful, musical romp he devised after someone accused him of being a cult leader.

Jamming at college campuses around the country, Webley developed the Monsters of Accordion tour featuring Corn Mo, Geoff Berner, Amy Denio, Mark Growden of Gogol Bordello, Steyhen Iancu and Eric Stern of Vagabond Opera. Joining up quite literally with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Webley then became one half of Evelyn Evelyn, a Siamese-twin sister act working together to play the same accordion or ukulele.

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