Edge (Ying)


Portrait of Ying

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Ying is both a past incarnation and guiding force in Amy Chang’s life. Working as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and the healing arts, Amy keeps Ying even closer than her sword. From the dusty canopy of HeebeeJeebee’s, Burning Man’s alternative medicine camp, to the healing centers of Oakland, CA, Amy combines ancient medicine with evidence based practice to unify the body with the spirit.

“I first saw Amy at Burning Man. At the healing tents people lie around meditating and working on their aches and pains. Then this woman appeared, gliding over the sleeping and the restful, with a sword poised like a folded wing. She never went anywhere without it. As far as I know she still doesn’t. But there was this light around her. She shone, and I knew I had to paint her. The robe is a male acrobats originally bound by the black sash and criss-crossing rope. Usually it ties the garment together underneath, but I wanted to show the use of binding in Chinese culture as both a tradition, an art, and a form of constraint.”

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