Cupidon (Alex Stitt)


Portrait of Alex Stitt

Oil & Gold Leaf on Belgian Linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Raised in Cornwall, England, Alex grew up reading tarot cards and playing in castles. An eight year-old raver, Alex followed the age of carnival from Glastonbury to Burning Man, becoming a fire dancing novelist with a Master’s in psychology.

“Stay-at-home writers are doomed to cliché, bibliographical dreams imagined by long dead authors. To have something worth writing about, you have to have a life worth living. For example, I used to watch houses melt as a security guard on an active lava flow. Whenever possible, I’d wait for the lava to get within 10 feet of the barricade before I moved the tourists back. The ambient heat’s like a furnace at that distance. Life’s not real until you feel it.”

Cupidon Portrait of Alex Stitt
Aiding their friends through sexual reassignment surgery during the Thai revolution, and leading LGBT support groups in Hawaii, Alex continues to publish academic journal articles exploring queer identity acquisition.
“My favorite topics are love and death, because only one is optional. In my short life I have fallen in love with men, women, transgender men, and transgender women, as both a man and a woman myself. Fluidity is rarely recognized, let alone understood, even within the queer community…Yet love is a vulnerable courage. Love cuts through all our imagined fronts to the core of who we really are. Love makes us feel small and immense. Love shows us the infinite in the infinitesimal.”

—Alex Stitt

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