Category: 50 Shades of Real

Exploring the counterculture realm of BDSM, kink and the taboo.As an advocate of sensual and sexual diversity Adare focuses on clear truthful communication in this no holds barred work in progress. This project is designed to shed light and real fact, not fiction on this most fascinating subject.

Want to Participate? As this series progresses from my eagle to museums and other venues I am looking for honest and actual “diary pages” , hand written or typed up, from your perspective of a kink, taboo or something from the BDSM community. Of course consensually is a must. I love diversity and I like finding a topic that is seen differently (as the above image demonstrates). Let’s show the world what’s really behind the door shall we!

ps-There are some strict guidelines, 18 and older, NO referencing children or underage, animals or death. Co-play and furry is fine with it being denoted in the page. 1-2 paragraph maximum please.

Ok let’s have some fun!