Bring Me My Ghosts (Ariellah Darker Still)


Portrait of Ariellah Darker Still

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Growing up in a Moroccan family immersed Ariellah in folkloric dance and rigorous ballet training. Yet when her belly-dance instructor gaspingly asked where she learned her style, Ariellah could only smile: “The Goth Clubs.” Finding a new family of theater-geeks, goths, and misfits in the Bay Area’s infamous Deathguild, Ariellah embraced the goth culture and took the evolution of old and new into her dance. Traveling the world twice over as a teacher, performer, and volunteer in the West Africa Peace Corps, she continues her journey as a lifelong student of dance. Always evolving her Dark Fusion style, she combined the classical Odissi style she learned in India at the Shakti School of Dance with the controlled steps of Thailand and the dusty raves of Burning Man.

Featured in magazines, radio shows, and articles across the globe, Ariellah won first place in the Star Fusion category of Sirens In Sanity’s belly dance contest (2004). This led to a series of DVDs, including the first film of its kind Gothic Belly Dance: The Dark Side of Fusion (2006), followed thereafter byRevelations (2007), Belly Dance Underworld and Tribal Revolution. Currently, her first instructional video Contemporary Belly Dance and Yoga Conditioningis one of the top selling and rated belly dance DVDs on market.

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