Borealis Bound (Jiz Lee)


Portrait of Jiz Lee by Rose Adare

Oil on Belgian Linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


Jiz Lee is a genderqueer adult performer and sex positive icon breaking through the boundaries of the sexual, cisgender binary. Winner of the 2010 Feminist Porn Award, and cover model for Curve Magazine (Jan. 2014), Jiz Lee has been featured in over 200 international indie, and mainstream projects.

A guest lecturer at UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Mills College, Evergreen State, Stanford University, Princeton, and the University of Toronto, Jiz discusses an array of sexually dynamic topics, from queer sex techniques to the ethical implications of pornography.

Writing about sexuality, gender, and body image, Jiz Lee has contributed to numerous publications, including The Feminist Porn Book and Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Human Sexuality, while recently compiling their own forthcoming anthology How to Come out Like a Porn Star: Adult Industry Essays on Family Matters.

“When I first started doing porn I had the idea that porn could change the world …If they were a part of sex education that was inclusive of gender and different sexual orientations and pleasure and communication and consent and everything, you would have decreased sexism, and then decreased cis-sexism, and decreased transphobia, and my hope is that it would cause more nonviolent communication, cause people to be able to talk to each other in a way that doesn’t cause disrespect, harm, poverty, the downward spiral that happens because we don’t know how to talk to each other and love each other.”

—Jiz Lee

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