Bonnie is Clyde (Billy Castro)


Portrait of Billy Castro

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2013


Born female in the American Midwest, Billy moved to California to become a happy hedonist, a porn star, and a babe-worthy man. As one of the few transgender men in the porn industry, Billy works as a sex positive icon in the LGBT community, his X-rated films challenging every notion of conventional sexual identity. The porkpie hat and suspenders are an homage to Billy’s erotic detective flick “Speakeasy,” directed by indie porn producer Courtney Trouble of Real Queer Productions, winner of the 2010 Feminist Porn Award.

This particular portrait is featured in Europe’s Porn Saint’s collective, an art contingent spanning Italy, Germany, France, and England, that celebrates select sex positive porn-stars in both contemporary and fine art. Inclusion of this portrait elevated Billy to the status of Porn Saint and Rose Adare, as the portrait artist, to the honorary status of Porn Bishop.

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