Acceptance (Stembot)


Portrait of Stembot

Oil on linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012


As a fetish model, Stembot followed the camera from her home in Virginia to the farthest points of America. Working with professional photographers and up-and-coming artists, she models periodically for alternative clothing companies.

“While envisioning all the culturally diverse forms of corsetry, I remember wishing someone had a corset piercing. Next thing I know Stembot was on the table in Sin City, Kala Kawi’s professional studio, lancing 14 hoops into her back. This is a bohemian act; not impulsive, but completely unafraid. Blown away by her commitment and her bravery, I watched in awe as he toes curled and she breathed out the pain. I believe that when people step out of their comfort zone they form their strongest memories, and when people say I would never do this or this isn’t like me they’re actually forming their strongest character.”

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