About Adare


Adare, a hyperactive, eye-patch wearing, mess of a kid began painting at the tender age of 7 when their parents, in a fit of desperation asked what they wanted to do (failing all manner of sports, acrobatics, and of all things modeling class). "I want to paint real" was the earnest reply. Luckily they found Mrs. Blanchard an amazingly kind and gifted oil painter.

This is Adare's first painting, classical technique and tomato sauce was apparently in their blood.


have had unusual eyes, did you know Georgia O'Keeffe and Mary Cassatt's art changed due to eye sight degradation at the height of their success and Degas and Monet's paintings grew significantly more abstract in later life as, coincidentally, their eye problems increased. Rembrandt stereo blindness quite possibly worked in his favor. The young Adare required corrective surgeries throughout their childhood, growing up with stereo blindness (not being able to see three dimensionally) and amblyopia. They walked into a lot of walls and couldn't catch a ball, they did not make it onto many teams as you might expect.


being thrown on stage and traveling, by 23 they found themself in London, studying Waterhouse, Millais, and John Singer Sargent, finding their true loves on the walls of museums. But travel requires finance, so they worked with developmentally dis-ABLED adults until an accident at work tore the ligaments in both their arms. When their doctor stated that there was a good chance they might not gain use of their hands, Adare blurted out "Wait, I can't draw anymore!". Determined to regain motor-control, they traveled to Kyoto, Japan to mediate, not only on healing, but on their childhood dream of becoming an artist, this was the wake up call they needed.

Chalk and conte drawing on colored paper for William Maughan's class and as evident, the artist does NOT like to do self portraits.


Graduating the San Francisco Academy of Art University, Adare was gratefully challenged by William Maughan, while Bill Sanchez's "Wrap it around" will forever echo in their head. Earning a full three year scholarship, they studied at the Temescal Atelier for Classical Realism under the esteemed living master David Hardy, whose dynamic use of color theory combined elements from his own tutors, Antonin Sterba and William H. Mosby of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Joseph Van der Brouk, graduate of the Royal Academy in Brussels. Adare studies under David every opportunity they gets.

"David Hardy explores reality through color, from the flushing reds of the neck to the subtle luminosity of a moistened lip–he's one of the best color theorists in America."



Adare's work was featured at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor for a Toulouse Lautrec retrospective.
Adare began their Fine Art career as The Muse Studio, founding the annual Muse Showcase: A Celebration in Art and Music, in Berkeley, CA. Expanding throughout the Bay Area, Adare took on two solo shows, the first at the Sutter Gallery in San Francisco followed by another at Epic Arts in Berkeley, this is where they found their love of combining the many art forms, always tying them in with music and fire if possible, Adare picked up the fire bug in Ireland and hasn’t been able to shake it since.


Adare spent the following years in physical rehabilitation, drawing with a pencil taped to their fingers. Bankrupted by medical bills, they discovered a bohemian harbor in Hawai`i where, not for the first time in their life, they retaught themself how to paint. Studying Da Vinci's notes, Bridgman's anatomy, Zorn's lighting, Klimpt's elegance, and Fechin's unique ability to breathe life and motion into his portraits, they returned to the art scene in 2009. Taking off the body braces one by one, they reclaimed their health with their paintbrush. As such, Restraint & Revolution is Adare's anticipated return to the art scene, immortalizing the amazing advocates, allies and friends they've met along the way, and the Revolution is still going strong!

Drawing done in the height of Adare's pain, this is a "self portrait" of what they felt like, the small floating pearl is their "spirit" being guarded. They drew this with a pencil taped to their finger in 2009.

Taking off the body braces one by one, they reclaimed their health with their paintbrush. As such, Restraint & Revolution is Adare's anticipated return to the art scene, immortalizing the amazing advocates, allies and friends they've met along the way, and the Revolution is still going strong!

Alongside the astonishing writings of Alex Stitt, Adare published their first book, Restraint & Revolution: The Art of Adare, and the aforementioned Alex produced the DVD of interviews from the Restraint & Revolution Collection, Adare spent two years (2013 – 2015) as a board member of the prestigious Hawai`i Museum of Contemporary Art where they were involved in showcasing such gallery events as Devin Mohr's Sehnsucht, Rod Cameron's work, The Bod Mod Show and many others. Restraint & Revolution, their breakout compendium of work started its global tour in 2014 at the Prestigious Maui Arts & Cultural Center then off to the Bay area with a massive feat at American Steel's Poplar gallery, All 32 paintings were featured along with their dream of seeing their paintings come to life before their very eyes, Belly dancers, fire performers, silk artists, whirling dervishes and so many more added to the life and complexity of these works, and they burnt a 3 x 4 ft. painting, this was to illuminate the topic of deconstruction in the art world.

To come full circle, Adare participated in the University of Berkeley's binocular vision center to glean tools which would teach the mind how to use both eyes in conjunction with each other, granting Adare 3D vision at last! As such, 50 shades of Real will be their first series to be painted with the actual understanding of all of those school lessons on three dimensionality. They are doing proverbial back flips over this and painting has become much easier for the artist.


Restraint & Revolution

Using corsetry as a symbol of restraint and revolution, their current portraits explore the sensual and erotic history of the bohemian underground while revisiting the classical styles they've adored since their childhood.
Recruiting prominent artistic activists as their models, their growing collection of portraits is featured in a non-fiction history titled Restraint & Revolution: The Art of Adare and a DVD of the models interviews are also available.

50 Shades of Real

Exploring the counterculture realm of BDSM, kink and the taboo.

As an advocate of sensual and sexual diversity Adare focuses on clear truthful communication in this no holds barred work in progress. This project is designed to shed light and real fact, not fiction on this most fascinating subject.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Honoring traditional cultures and sights as a continuing effort to engage the viewer to a larger understanding of "Our Global Village." Paintings are constantly being added as amazing individuals cross Adare's path and their travels continue.

"Paintings are reflections in time, captured, still breathing. These windows to another's soul are to be examined by all, beheld by many and moved by what I can hope for, within you."